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Figure 1 - Illustation of VRSS-1 spacecraft (image credit: ABAE, CAST)

About the mission/sensor

The VRSS-1 satellite (Satélite Miranda) is the first earth observation mission of ABAE and is the result of a joint venture between China (CAST) and Venezuela (ABAE). The ABAE VRSS-1 is is a medium-resolution multispectral sensor and is equipped with different cameras: PAN and Multispectral Camera (PMC) and Wide Swath Multispectral Camera (WMC).

The VRSSS-1 PMC sensor, is able to acquire images with different GSD, 2.5 meter for panchromatic (PAN) and 10 meter for multispectral green, red, and NIR bands (MSS). The WMC multispectral camera, on board of VRSS-1 satellite, provides wide-swath images at 16 meter GSD under Blue, Red, Green and NIR channels.

Reference Document

[RD01] - Hernández, R., Acevedo, R., Varela, F., Otero, S., 2013. Current space projects of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Astronomía Dinámica en Latino Amárica (ADeLA-2012) Ed. C.Allen, F. Arias, & R. Orellana.

Reference Website

[RW01] - ABAE VRSS-1 website

[RW02] - EO Portal VRSS-1 webpage

[RW03] - CGWIC (China Great Wall Industry Corporation) VRSS-1 website