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Calibrated optical data

After the ingestion, an initial processing is performed to calibrate the optical EO data harvested from COS-2 notification and make it ready for further generic processing as a Dataset.

In the ESA Charter Mapper the calibration of multi-mission optical input products at TOA/BOA level is done in systematic and is accomplished during the acquisitions ingestion process.

Optical calibrated Datasets are pre-processed data with physical meaning quantities (reflectance) which enables a faster thematic processing by applying common operations according to the sensor type. An optical calibrated Dataset includes both TOA/BOA reflectance single-band assets and visual products derived from them offered as multi-band overview assets.

As a result, in the ESA Charter Mapper multiple Optical Calibrated Dataset are then available to the user as analysis ready data for visualization at full resolution and/or on-demand processing to generate Value Added Products.

A description of the Optical Products Calibration systematic service is available here.

More details about the radiometric calibration formulas employed for multiple optical mission are available here.