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Product Import

Import of open and free EO data

Users can browse free EO data (e.g. Sentinel-1), select one or more products from the catalog and choos to ingest them into the workspace. To do this, a special context dropdown menu is placed inside the Data Contexts Menu, called "EO Data". This contains a list of EO data series. By choosing one of them the current search will switch on the relative series. Users can navigate, analyze, filter and explore this data on the map.

By opening a specific feature product, on the Details panel, a button "Import the product" is present on the top.

User can click here to import and ingest the product into the workspace as a new acquisition. After this interaction the new acquisition product is immediately added to the Charter Mapper catalogue and the footprint visible on the map.

Notice that the ingestion of a product is a process composed in steps: the product will be downloaded from the extrenal source, registered in the system and calibrated, as the acquisitions workflow from COS-2. Therefore this process could take several minutes to produce a calibrated dataset, visible on the map with a full resolution overview inside the "Dataset" context menu.

Manual upload of acquisitions

From the Geobrowser it's also possible to manually upload products into the workspace.

To upload a product users must click on the relative button, located on the top-right of the application:

A modal dialog form is opened. Users can choose a file by clicking on the "upload file" button or by directly dropping a file inside the drop area. In addition, users must fill the form to include product metadata information, such as the identifier, the product footprint in WKT format, the acquisition date (or a date range) in ISO 8601 format, the product agency, satellite, payload, sensor type and resolution.

After submitting the form, the file is uploaded and the acquisition is created. Like for the import of external EO data, the ingestion and calibration process could take several minutes.