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ESA Charter Mapper - Review report of services and functions

Starting from real value-added products from VAs (not generated on the Charter Mapper and provided in the frame of a specific activation), similar and/or additional products in the ESA Charter Mapper operational environment have been reproduced. The assessment of the utility of the ESA Charter Mapper for operations has been performed for both visualization (Visualization - Scenario 1) and processing (Processing – Scenario 2) purposes. The outcomes and observations presented in the report can be shared to help the Charter community to understand the impact of the ESA Charter Mapper solution.


Figure 1 - Red-cyan composite from a co-registered stack of panchromatic VHR data acquired before and after the 7.5M earthquake occurred in Sulawesi on 28 September 2018. Result obtained in the ESA Charter Mapper with EO data from Act-673/Call 587 – Earthquake, Tsunami in Indonesia showing coastal changes due to the tsunami with 3-metre high waves.

The assessment, performed over a set of 7 Activations based on the available satellite data in the ESA Charter Mapper, can be checked here.