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Introducing to ESA Charter Mapper web portal

The ESA Charter Mapper Portal offers to the users an entry point to 2 main types of Workspace:

  • Activation Workspaces offer a dedicated web application for a disaster Activation with the related Acquisitions and Value Added Products;

  • General Workspaces are available for having a general overview of the current and past Activations in a single map.

Next sections will widely describe the web portal:

The Portal landing page is the very first view of the portal, from which users can sign in or explore public data.

The Geobrowser section describes the main web application, adopted by the workspaces, to perform spatial-temporal analysis and processing.

The PMs and VAs home page describes the page listing the workspaces belonging to that kind of users.

The Activation Workspace describes the workspace for Project Managers and Value Adders.

The General Workspace describes the workspace dedicated to Executive Secretariat.