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Worldview-2 spacecraft

Worldview-2 spacecraft, © DigitalGlobe, USGS

Mission and sensor parameters

Launched on the 8 October 2009, Worldview-2 is an operational earth imaging satellite which is part of the WorldView constellation (QuickBird, WorldView-1/-2/-3/-4 and GeoEye-1 satellites) and is owned by DigitalGlobe in the United States. Panchromatic, 4-Bands VIS-NIR, and 8-Bands VIS-NIR products are part of the Worldview-2 offer. In the International Charter, Worldview-2 data is gathered via VHR data provisioning of USGS (act as mission Owner in the Charter Governance).

Mission parameters

Table 1 provides a summary of the Worldview-2 mission.

Parameter Specifications
EO Mission Worldview-2
Providing Agency DigitalGlobe
Date of launch 2009-10-08
Temporal coverage 2009-11-01 - present
Mission status On Going
Mission Life Expected 12 years
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous
Equator crossing Time 10:30 PM descending node
Orbit Height 770 km
Orbit Period 100 min
Revisit Frequency 1.1 days
Nominal Swath Width 13.1 km at nadir
Table 1 - Worldview-2 mission parameters.

Sensor specifications

Below specifications of the WV-2 Imager (WV110) optical earth observation sensor on board the Worldview-3 platform.

Parameter Specifications
Imager Type Pushbroom with a 35k pixel dectector array for PAN and a 9,3k pixel detector array for MS bands
Imaging Mode PAN and MS (VIS, NIR, RE)
Pan spectral range 450 - 800 nm
Coastal spectral range 400 - 450 nm
Blue spectral range 450 - 510 nm
Green spectral range 510 - 580 nm
Yellow spectral range 585 - 625 nm
Red spectral range 630 - 690 nm
Red Edge spectral range 705 - 745 nm
NIR1 spectral range 770 - 895 nm
NIR2 spectral range 860 - 1040 nm
Resolution Very High Resolution - O-VHR (0 - 1m)
GSD 46 cm (PAN), 1.8 m (MS), at 20deg nadir
Dynamic Range 11-bits per pixel
Table 2 - Worldview-2 WV-2 imager (WV110) sensor parameters.

Worldview-2 products are offered in multiple options as described in the following table:

Parameter Specifications
4-Bands Multispectral Blue, Green, Red, NIR1
4-Bands Pan-sharpened Blue, Green, Red, NIR1
4-Bands Bundle PAN, Blue, Green, Red, NIR1
3-bands Natural Color pan-sharpened Blue, Green, Red
3-bands Coloured Infrared pan-sharpened Green, Red, NIR
8-Bands Multispectral COASTAL, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red EDGE, NIR1, NIR2
8-Bands Bundle PAN, COASTAL, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red EDGE, NIR1, NIR2
Table 3 - Worldview-2 product options.

Ingested format

Information extracted from product annotation included in the STAC item of a Worldview-2 dataset have a similar structure to the Worldview-3 available here.

Product Calibration

For Worldview-2 products calibration refer to the Optical Products Calibration (OPT-Calib) service and the calibration sheet available here.