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General Workspace


This area is meant to give to the user an overview of current and past activations on a global map. The general workspace allows the Executive Secretariat (ES) to find the current and past activations based on multiple search filters.

The workspace is a dedicated Geobrower composed by:


The general workspace makes users able to discovery the Charter Activations using several search criteria. Searching capabilities in the General Workspace are given through the dedicated “Search” panel, shown by selecting the magnifier icon at the top leff of the side panel, or through free text search field, located at the top left of the map.


Contexts menu organization


The contexts menu for a General Workspace contains activation-related data collections:

  • Activations: A contexts submenu used to group activations by status (open, close) and by disaster type (cyclones, earthquakes, ...). The first submenu item "All" contains all activations.

  • Datasets: pre-processed (calibrated) products generated by the PE during the ingestion of acquisitions received from COS2;

  • Value Added Products: map products received from COS2;

At first opening, the Workspace points on the All Activations context.

Context Activations

On a contxt Activations any feature is an activation, and all features are visible on the map as markers. To avoid too many markers displayed on the map, the marker are dynamically clusterized.

On the data results panel it's possible to distinguish the status of the activation by the placemark color: green for open activations, black for closed activations.


By opening the details of an activation (double click on the activation on the list, or click on "show details" on the activation popup on the map) it's possible to have all activation info, and switch to the relative acquisitions and datasets.


In particular:

  • By clicking on "show Acquisitions" is possible to discover all acquisitions footprints and check out the quicklooks;
  • By clicking on "show Datasets" is possible to see the full resolution browse image. Se Titiler Widget for details about the visualization of full resolution browser images;