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ICEYE GRD acquisitions are calibrated using SNAP, the open source common architecture for ESA Toolboxes ideal for the exploitation of Earth Observation data.

The ICEYE calibration SNAP graph is depicted below:

graph TD; A[Read] --> B[Calibration]; B --> C[Speckle-Filter]; C --> D[LinearToFromdB]; D --> E[Terrain-Correction]; E --> F[Write];

The SNAP graph relevant parameters are listed in the table below:

Operator Parameter Value
Calibration outputSigmaBand true
Speckle-Filter filter Lee Sigma
filterSizeX 3
filterSizeY 3
dampingFactor 2
estimateENL true
enl 1.0
numLooksStr 1
windowSize 5x5
targetWindowSizeStr 3x3
sigmaStr 0.9
anSize 50
Terrain-Correction pixelSpacingInMeter Read from metadata
demName SRTM 1Sec HGT
mapProjection AUTO:42001


The input is an ingested ICEYE, see details here.


The output is a STAC item geojson ... including the assets ...

Reference documents

RD01 ICEYE-SAR-Product-Guide, ICEYE, Version 3.0, issued: 01.05.2020